Tektronix VM700T

Video Measurement System
The Tektronix VM700T is one of our refurbished Video Measurement Systems.

Tektronix VM700T Features:

Many Capabilities in One Instrument:
Digital Waveform Monitor
Digital Vectorscope
Picture Display
Group Delay and Frequency Response
Noise Measurement Set
Automatic Measurement Noise
Measure Mode Provides Graphic Display of Measurement
K Factor
Differential Gain and Phase
Chrominance to Luminance Delay
Noise Spectrum
Group Delay with Sin x/x
Color Bars
Relative to Reference  on Most Measurements
Configurable for All Standard Test Signals
Award-winning User Interface
Extremely Fast Update Rate
Parallel and Serial Printer Ports
Three Input Channels
Channel Difference Modes
External VGA Display Port
Fully Documented Remote Control Operation
Hardcopy for Analysis and Documentation
S-Video Capable
The Tektronix VM700T is a total solution for your baseband video and audio monitoring and measurement needs.Features such as an extremely fast

Tektronix VM700T

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