Tektronix VX4353

32-Channel Relay Switching Module
The Tektronix VX4353 is one of our refurbished 32-Channel Relay Switching Modules.

The Tektronix VX4353 Relay Switching Module is a printed circuit board for use in a mainframe conforming to the VXIbus specifications, such as the VX1400 “C” size mainframe used in the Tektronix / CDS IAC system. The Module provides 32 independently controlled single-pole, single-throw relays. Individual relays or all relays can be opened or closed under program control.

Tektronix VX4353 Features:

Independently Controlled Single-Pole, Single-Throw Relays
Individual Relays or All Relays can be Opened or Closed Under Program Control
Amount of Delay Between Successive Operations and the Relay Closure Dwell Time can be Controlled by Software
Delay Times from 0 to 65535 Milliseconds can be Selected

Tektronix VX4353

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