TS1410 - TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage14.0V
Number of OutputsSingle
Max. Current10.00A

Extra Specifications
High current bench power supply 12-14V/10A

Product Description

The TS1410 DC power supply has been designed for applications requiring a professional quality high current bench power source for equipment that is normally operated from twelve volt batteries.

The output voltage has been made adjustable (via a calibrated knob) between 12V and 14V. This covers most “twelve volt” sources such as six lead-acid cells (13.8V) or ten nickel-cadmium cells (12.6V).

The output is current limited at just over 10A and this current can be supplied continuously. This is an important advantage over many low cost PSUs where the rated current can only be supplied briefly. A built-in analogue meter provides an indication of output current.

The TS1410 provides a very high performance including excellent line and load regulation

TTI -Thurlby Thandar Instruments TS1410

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